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Pure Handloom Tussar Saree - Mahindi Green

  • Rs15,000 (inclusive of all taxes)

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Tussar Silk , also often referred to as ‘Wild Silk, Tassar Silk, or Tusar Silk is an exquisite thread obtained from a wide winged moth that is yellowish-brown in colour. The scientific name of these moths is Antheraea Paphia and they are a part of the group known as Emperor Moths or Saturnids. These moths are a true wonder of nature. Their wings are embellished by circular markings that look like a mirror. Indeed, when you look closely into those circular markings, you’ll be able to see a reflection of yourself.


Fabric - Pure  Tussar

Color - Mahindi green

Pattern -Pichawai Printe

Blouse - Yes

Shipping Charges - Yes

Shipment - This product ships only in India