Chiffon Saree

Chiffon Saree

Chiffon is primarily made from silk or synthetic fibers like nylon, rayon and polyester. This fabric is most commonly used to weave sarees. Sarees made of chiffon are extremely fashionable among Indian women.

The Chiffon fabric has an origin in ancient China and from there the fabric moved to all the places in the world. Chiffon fabric was brought to India by the British.

Chiffon is a lightweight fabric which falls on your curves beautifully. Its fine material makes you feel comfortable. Since it is lightweight, it is not only a good drape but is also easy to handle. Chiffon sarees can be worn throughout the year.

Chiffon is a commonly used fabric for sarees because of its long list of characteristics - lightweight, drapable and air permeability. Chiffon can easily be blended with Silk, Georgette, Cotton, and Crepe to produce seamless designs. Chiffon is the perfect companion for your evening wear, being the fabric of choice for a lovely attire as well as an accessory (dupatta, stole, ethnic jacket, etc.) thereby exuberating a more elegant and flowy appearance. Chiffon sarees can easily be styled in different options, ranging from Bandhani to Gota Patti, and much more.

The fabric was so versatile that the Indians started developing sarees with it. Since saree was one of the most worn clothing attire by women in India, the plain chiffon sarees became increasingly famous with the Indian women.

Chiffon fabric belongs to the family of twisted yarn fabrics like crepe and georgette. Chiffon is lighter and more transparent than georgette. The Chiffon fabric was made exclusively with Silk until Nylon and Polyester fabric were introduced.

Pure Chiffon was more expensive than the Synthetic Chiffon, due to its manufacturing from natural Silk fiber. Hence, the Polyester Chiffon blend became more popular because of its durability and economic viability than its Silk variant.