Tussar Silk Sarees

Tussar Silk Sarees from Bhagalpuri

Tussar Silk (Source: flickr)Bhagalpuri silk Sarees as the name suggest are made in and around Bhagalpur region of Bihar. Bhagalpur has numerous mulberry orchards to grow Bhagalpur (or Tussar) silk.

Tussar Silk , also often referred to as ‘Wild Silk, Tassar Silk, or Tusar Silk is an exquisite thread obtained from a wide winged moth that is yellowish-brown in colour. The scientific name of these moths is Antheraea Paphia and they are a part of the group known as Emperor Moths or Saturnids. These moths are a true wonder of nature. Their wings are embellished by circular markings that look like a mirror. Indeed, when you look closely into those circular markings, you’ll be able to see a reflection of yourself.


Tussar, which is itself a variety of Silk, can be further divided into various subcategories like Katia, Ghhichha, Thigh reeled and machine reeled. On further permutation and combination of these varieties two distinct varieties named as Tusser Ghichha and Mulberry Ghiccha are obtained.


As far as the maintenance of Tussah is concerned, it is not a difficult fabric to maintain. Two things however, need to be taken care of. Firstly, the fabric should be prevented from any kind of stains. Secondly, it should be prevented from losing its sheen and luster. Ironing Tussar sarees and suits, as well as getting them dry cleaned once in three months ensures that your ensemble will never lose its freshness.